CPR Training

CPR training for groups of 8 people using state of the art exclusive virtual reality and physical equipment, £290 for 3 hours. Only £36.25 per person.

Buy Defibrillators

Buy a defibrillator for your home, school, or workplace, and be able to save a life if anyone’s heart stops unexpectedly. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Hire Defibrillators

Hire defibrillators for various time periods. Perfect for events or temporary businesses or residences with public liability insurance. Also great for travelling to less developed places.

Heart Angels


Heart Help Defibrillator Training


Heart Help Ltd has been founded in order to train the public, staff members at companies and sports organisations in CPR and how to use defibrillators. When someone suffers a heart attack you have minutes to react. Would you know what to do?