First Aid Courses Guilford

If you were to suffer a cardiac arrest in Guilford, (outside of a hospital) your survival rate would be around 23.6%. This is significantly lower than if you were to suffer a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital environment just 27 miles away in London, where your chances of survival would be over 30%. One reason for this is because ambulance response times in London are potentially faster than in Guilford, but also because you are statistically more likely to encounter a member of the public who has attended some form of first aid training.

During a cardiac arrest, every minute that goes by without effective CPR costs the person in cardiac arrest 10% of their chance of survival. A cardiac arrest will happen suddenly and will often occur without warning and sometimes without the individual even knowing that they have a problem with their heart. It can be caused by heart disease, but also accidents can also trigger a cardiac arrest.

Cardiac arrest happens when the electrical impulses in the heart become disrupted, which leads the heart to stop beating. If the heart doesn’t beat, the brain and the other vital organs are starved of oxygen. If CPR is administered quickly and effectively, oxygen will continue to reach the organs and the individual will remain alive for long enough to be defibrillated.

When you consider that the average ambulance response time to a cardiac emergency is around 11 minutes in an urban area, it is extremely important to know what to do in the event of a cardiac arrest to help the individual calmly and effectively. Heart Help can provide first aid courses in Guilford that will give you all the tools you need to know exactly what to do in this life or death situation.

Heart Help uses the most up to date, cutting-edge technology to teach you how to stay calm and administer first aid in what is inevitably a high-stress situation. We incorporate virtual reality headsets into our teaching to give you as close to a real-life situation as we can, and we will teach you how to revive our electronically responsive CPR dummies.

We can provide first aid training courses in Guilford for up to eight people at a time, which costs roughly £36.25 per person. For this, each group will receive 3-4 hours of comprehensive training in all areas of first aid, led by experts in first aid provision. This will also include teaching you how to use a defibrillator safely and effectively.

This training is suitable for family groups, charities, sports teams and corporate organisations and we can also provide certificates to show that you have successfully completed the first aid training with Heart Help. Saving lives requires knowledge, skill and confidence in your actions, Heart Help can give you the tools you need to give anyone requiring first aid the helping hand they need.

A 3 to 4-hour course only costs £290 of a group of eight people.

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