First Aid Training Courses In Surrey

Every year, 60,000 cardiac arrests happen outside of a hospital in the UK. Cardiac arrests happen suddenly, and usually without any warning. Patients will lose consciousness quickly as the heart stops altogether, causing the organs to be immediately starved of oxygen-rich blood.

Cardiac arrests happen due to a disruption of the electrical impulses in the heart. This can be caused by an accident. It can also be caused by heart disease, which many individuals may not be aware that they have. Worryingly, 270 children die in schools from cardiac arrest every year in the UK.

For a patient to survive a cardiac arrest, quick thinking and a knowledge of first aid skills are crucial. For every minute that goes by without treatment, the chances of an individual surviving the cardiac arrest drops by 10%. If you were to experience a cardiac arrest in Surrey, you would have a 23.6% chance of survival if it occurred outside of a hospital environment.

The average response time for an ambulance to reach you in an urban area is 11 minutes. This could be a significantly longer response time for rural areas. This means that a cardiac arrest is more than likely to be fatal unless CPR is administered and a defibrillator used within minutes.

If CPR and defibrillation are successfully administered within 5 minutes of the start of the cardiac arrest, the survival rate can be as high as 75%. It is for this reason that first aid courses are a vital part of training for any family or organisation.

First aid training Surrey

First aiders need to be confident and calm in their administration of CPR in order to keep the oxygenated blood flowing to the brain and the other vital organs. Whilst many people rely on the 999 operators to give them advice, nothing can beat the experience of attending a first aid course.

Heart Help is a leading provider of first aid courses Surrey through the use of cutting-edge technology and experienced, expert knowledge. Heart Help can provide both corporate and domestic organisations with the skills they need to save lives. Individuals who attend first aid courses provided by Heart Help will be able to use virtual reality headsets and electronically responsive CPR dummies to help prepare them to be calm in what could be an incredibly stressful situation.

The course provided by Heart Help is comprehensive first aid training. Those who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate. Heart Help course is extremely affordable and costs £290 for eight people, which could be a family, a sports club or a corporate organisation.

The first aid course runs for around 3-4 hours. This ensures that all members of the group are confident in administering all areas first aid. Heart Help provides training using defibrillators and virtual reality equipment. We even provide a range of defibrillators for sale. These can be incorporated into the training course, should a specific defibrillator be of interest.

A 3 to 4-hour course only costs £290 of a group of eight people.

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