First Aid Organisation

If you are responsible for your business’ first aid organisation, one of the best possible ways that you can safeguard the health and safety of your staff or clients is to train your staff how to safely administer CPR and use a defibrillator. There are around 60,000 cardiac arrests that happen outside of a hospital every year. Fewer than one in five of those who suffer a cardiac arrest get the life-saving intervention they need to give them the best chance of survival.

With the NHS and ambulance services being completely overstretched in the current economic climate, it is crucial that businesses and organisations have access to the equipment and the training needed to provide this essential, life-saving treatment.

A cardiac arrest occurs when the heart suddenly stops functioning. Blood stops pumping through the body, and the brain and vital organs are starved of oxygen. This results in the patient suddenly losing consciousness. This usually happens because there is a problem with the electrical signals in the heart, or due to a heart condition that the patient may not be aware of.

Cardiac arrest can also be caused by being involved in an accident; for example, where the patient has been electrocuted or has drowned. The patient will typically be unconscious, unresponsive and may not be breathing. If left untreated, a cardiac arrest will cause the patient to die.

At present, only 22% of those surveyed have indicated that they would feel comfortable in performing CPR. In the instance of a cardiac arrest, the patient needs immediate treatment and cannot wait for the arrival of a medical professional for the treatment to begin. Basic chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation can provide the patient with the oxygen needed to keep their organs functioning long enough for a defibrillator to be located and set up to get the heart restarted.

With the right training from Heart Help, your staff can be taught the basic requirements of CPR to ensure that they can give anyone in cardiac arrest a fighting chance. Heart Help can also provide your business with a defibrillator and teach your staff how to use it calmly and safely in the event of a critical emergency. All attendees on these courses will receive a certificate, which will make your first aid organisation easier, and will provide your staff with a sense of achievement and the confidence they need to save a life, should they ever be in that situation.

First aid organisation is a huge responsibility, but by providing your staff with all the tools they need to administer life-saving care, your business can be safe in the knowledge that every first aid base will be covered, and that the duty of care to staff and clients has been met. Heart Help provides comprehensive and affordable three-hour courses, which can be split across the day to meet the needs of your organisation.

A 3 to 4-hour course only costs £290 of a group of eight people.

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