First Aid Training Kent

If you are looking for a great provider of first aid training Kent, then Heart Help can be the answer to your first aid training solutions.

Did you know that your ability to survive an out of hospital cardiac arrest largely depends on where you live? In Kent, which is serviced by the South East Coastal ambulance service, the survival rate of a cardiac arrest that occurs outside of a hospital is 23.6%.

Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, although it is more likely to occur in those with heart disease or abnormalities. Many of those who suffer a cardiac arrest may not even be aware that they have a problem with their heart. A cardiac arrest may also occur as a result of an accident; for example, an electrocution may trigger a cardiac arrest as it may destabilise the electrical impulses within the heart.

Drowning is also another major accidental cause of cardiac arrest, therefore it is vital for businesses that operate around water to provide the right training and equipment for their staff to use in an emergency. A cardiac arrest is a life-threatening event that will occur suddenly, and often without warning. Someone experiencing a cardiac arrest will quickly lose consciousness, as the heart will stop, causing the vital organs to be starved of oxygen. If not treated quickly, the cardiac arrest is likely to be fatal.

Heart Help can provide first aid training Kent to businesses, charities, sports teams, schools and just about any other organisation, corporate or domestic. Those first few moments into a cardiac arrest can be critical for the patient, and with the expert training in all areas of first aid, your staff, colleagues or community members can be taught the vital skills needed to keep the patient alive long enough through CPR to administer potentially life-saving defibrillation. It is simply not enough to phone for an ambulance in this situation as there are no guarantees as to how fast a paramedic team can reach you.

For every minute that a patient does not receive treatment, survival rates are cut by up to 10%. Therefore, it is vital for as many people as possible to learn the skills needed to give those in cardiac arrest the best chance possible. Heart Help will teach your staff using cutting edge technology the practical skills needed to keep oxygen flowing and help to avoid organ failure and brain damage in those suffering from a cardiac arrest. Heart Helps also has a range of defibrillators for sale and can train your staff to use the specific defibrillator that they would need to use in an emergency.

Heart Help provides first aid training in Kent for the low-cost rate of £290. This provides a comprehensive, three-hour training course for eight individuals to gain a first aid certificate. This includes CPR and the safe use of a defibrillator machine.

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