ZOLL AED 3 Defibrillator
(fully automatic)


The latest guidelines from resuscitation councils worldwide are clear: successful defibrillation must be supported with high-quality CPR.

The AED’s first heart analysis is critical. If it calls for no shock, only high-quality CPR can lead to a shockable rhythm on the next heart analysis. High-quality CPR provides a struggling heart with oxygenated blood needed to help restore a normal rhythm.

The ZOLL AED 3™ defibrillator will guide you through the process of performing high-quality CPR and will if needed, deliver a potentially lifesaving shock to the heart. With a ZOLL AED 3™ and quick action, tragedy could be averted. ZOLL’s proprietary Real CPR Help® technology helps guide rescuers in performing high-quality CPR, in accordance with the most recent guidelines for depth and rate of compression. The innovative, intuitive design and enhanced features of the ZOLL AED 3 will give unexpected heroes both the confidence and the knowledge needed to treat SCA.

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