Training FM Conway

Heart Angels to receive Cheque from FM Conway to distribute Defibrillators and Training To Local Communities 

Today David of Heart was asked to deliver a talk of CPR and defibrillator use in the community. FM Conway hosted an all-day event. David asked a room of over 40 directors of international companies if they knew how to perform CPR and defibrillator use ??? Only 1 person put up a hand.

Well, they all know how to now. Heart Angels are the most advanced CPR defibrillator training company in Europe.

David demonstrated and created a sketch to rein-act a scenario of a cardiac arrest survival rescue.

With help from Zoll defibrillators UK, the directors have all been educated on the Art Of Life saving and will hopefully invite Heart Angels to come and teach all of the people in their company.

Call David on +44 7900 087 701, or send an email using the contact form below.

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