Zoll Defibrillators

Something that any first aiders worries about when presented with a high stakes, life or death situation, is that they will remember their emergency cardiac arrest training. A cardiac arrest can happen suddenly and at any time. It happens when the heart stops blood pumping around the body. Oxygen cannot reach the vital organs and organ failure begins to occur. 30,000 cardiac arrests happen every year in the UK outside of a hospital, and the survival of the patient is dependent on the reactions of those around them. Sometimes, a trained first aider cannot get to the patient fast enough, so the patient becomes dependent on an untrained or inexperienced first aider to administer the vital help that they need.

Cardiac arrest is commonly caused by an abnormal heart rhythm, which will be fatal if left untreated. This abnormal heart rhythm is caused by a disruption to the electrical activity of the heart, making the electrical activity chaotic. A defibrillating device is needed to shock the heart back into its normal rhythm. With the right automated external defibrillator, this is something that almost anyone can do.

Zoll Defibrillator

The Zoll Defibrillator is an excellent choice for any public place or venue due to it being so simple and straightforward to use, even for a novice or even someone with limited or no first aid training. Zoll Defibrillators are semi-automatic, meaning that it can analyse the patient and give audio and visual prompts to the first aider to guide them through the process of administering the defibrillation to the patient. If a shock is needed, it can be administered at the touch of a button. It only takes up to 10 seconds for the Zoll Defibrillator to charge, making it fast and saving precious time. Time is the essence of a successful resuscitation, so the Zoll is designed to be as fast as possible to set up and use.

The Zoll Defibrillator uses CPR-D Padz. These pads have a shelf-life of five years, which is the longest on the market for any defibrillation pads. The CPR-D Padz are not only cost-effective, but they are specifically designed to be easy to position on the patient and are self-adhesive to form a bond to the patient’s chest as a single piece, negating the need for the first respondent to find the appropriate positions on the chest. Thus, the one-piece pads save time in an emergency situation.

The CPR-D Padz are suitable from age 8 upwards, and paediatric pads are also available, making the Zoll Defibrillator suitable for use on any age group. In fact, once the paediatric pads are connected, the Zoll Defibrillator automatically adjusts to ensure that the shock level generated is suitable for a child. This makes the Zoll Defibrillator particularly well-suited to use within a community setting to support public health needs. The one-piece pads are able to help the Zoll Defibrillator measure the rate, depth and effectiveness of chest compressions. This technology is reported to improve the chances of survival by 272%. (Bowbrow et al, 2013)

Zoll Defibrillators Intelligent Memory

The Zoll Defibrillator stores data collected during analysis of the patient which can be downloaded and analysed on a computer, making it an invaluable tool for helping medics to understand the cause of the cardiac arrest and therefore aiding them in finding the best possible treatment to ensure long-term recovery for the patient. It really is a very clever piece of kit to have at your disposal should there be an emergency in your community setting.

The Zoll Defibrillator even self-tests every 24 hours to ensure that it is in optimum condition and ready to be used at any time. It is battery powered with a failsafe, should one of the batteries fail. These are not special batteries that need to be ordered in, they can, in fact, be purchased from any good retailer on the high street, if needed. Of course, any battery issues would be quickly flagged in the Zoll Defibrillator’s self-test, making maintenance of the Zoll Defibrillator easy for your first aid leader.

Zoll Defibrillator Design

Zoll Defibrillators have a distinctive and colourful, green outer design so that they can be easily located in an emergency situation. All of the defibrillators in the Zoll range feature a high-resolution LCD screen that enables first responders to see the patient’s ECG reading, which may aid more experienced first aiders in treating the patient according to their needs. The graphics on the Zoll Defibrillator are also designed to be large and clear to guide the first aider through the process. The audio prompts also support the graphics and is designed to keep the person administering the first aid calm during what can be an incredibly stressful event.

One thing that should reassure any user of the Zoll Defibrillator is that it has been the British Heart Foundation’s “Defibrillator of choice” every year since 2010, having saved countless lives against all odds in community settings across the world.

Heroes For Life

For every life saved with a Zoll Defibrillator, Zoll recognises those involved through their “Heroes for Life” programme. The survivor is given the option to donate a Zoll Defibrillator to a charity of their choice, with the hope that they can ‘pay it forward’ and raise awareness of the life-saving abilities of a Zoll Defibrillator in an emergency situation. First responders and unexpected heroes are also recognised with a certificate for their bravery and efforts towards saving a life.

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