Why we care

If someone suffers a cardiac arrest would you know what to do?

Heart Angel was founded by someone who was confronted with this...

Our Story

In December last year, I was playing golf when I heard a scream of “Help!” I ran over and saw a man lying motionless on the green.

The man's name was Adam (name changed for privacy) and had bled profusely from his nose, and his eyes were still. I felt for a pulse and listened for a breath but could find neither. In short, he was flat-lining.

Luckily I knew to do next. I rolled him into the recovery position and cleared his mouth and opened his airways. I rolled him onto his back and started CPR. We tried to bring Adam round by calling his name and begging him to fight and to think of his children. I continued to pump Adam’s chest for 17 mins.

Calls were made to emergency services and luckily, the clubhouse had a defibrillator. We cleared Adam and gave him the shock he needed!

The police, ambulance and special heart unit arrived and took over.

I could only expect the worst for Adam. I thought he was dead...

On Thursday morning, I received a call: “I’d just like to tell you that Adam is sitting up in bed and talking…!” “He has had a heart operation. Luckily, there was no brain damage and he is now recovering in intensive care.”

Since then, Adam has made a full recovery!

Learn How to Save a Life    

Who we are

Heart Angel was founded by David Sullivan, you have read about his story. Since that day he set up Heart Angels and is now a CPR Training and Defribrillator expert. Our aim is to save as many lives as we can...

What we do

CPR training for groups of 8 people using state of the art exclusive virtual reality and physical equipment, £290 for 3 hours. Only £36.25 per person.

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